" Pediatric Orthotic Specialists" - Providing state- of- the- art AFOs, KAFOs, TLSOs, Scoliosis Bracing and Cranial Bands for infants and children in Ohio and Michigan.

Pediatic orthotics is our only specialty. Cole Orthotic Pediatric Center has been assisting children with disabilities for over 80 years. We work closely with families, pediatric physicians, therapists and special education schools to provide specific orthotic care for each child. We provide a complete line of custom molded pediatric orthoses including SMOs, AFOs, KAFOs, TLSOs, RGOs, night positioning orthoses, standing frames, custom cranial bands and scoliosis braces. Our company offers expedited services for recent surgeries, serial castings, botox or fracture patients. With our long standing pediatric tradition, experience and expertise in mind, Cole Orthotic Pediatric Center and kids go hand-in-hand.


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