Cole Orthotic Pediatric Center is a leading and innovative pediatric orthotic facility servicing children of all ages in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan for over 80 years.

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Cole Orthotic Pediatric Center offers a wide range of custom molded and off the shelf spinal orthoses. Our company has been working closely with pediatric orthopedic surgeons and families for over 80 years. We specialize in providing customize scoliosis TLSOs for our pediatric patients. Beginning with a prescription and spinal x-rays from the referring pediatric orthopedist, an appointment is scheduled with our facility to begin the process of fabricating a brace . The process involves consultation with the family, child and physician, casting the child utilizing a specialized spinal casting frame called a Risser table fitting of the TLSO, instructions of proper application and hygenic care of  the orthosis and personaized follow-up care with the referring physician at which point an x-ray is obtained in the brace to quantify the spinal correction obtained.

Our facility is highly trained in this specialized casting procedure with over 25 years experience.This unique casting process

obtains optimal biomechanical results in correcting the curvature of the spine. Due to the high success of this specialized casting process many of our patients' are only required to wear their TLSO jackets at night. This night time protocol depends on many factors including the prescribing physician's recommended wearing schedule, age, skeletal maturity of the patient and severity of the curve.

An In Depth Review of Scoliosis

Pre-brace x-ray on Left.   X-ray on  right depicting correction   obtained from custom molded   Wilminton style TLSO  worn only at night-time.






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